Key Events


Soon after their arrival in New York and prior to the opening of the General Assembly, the Hammarskjöld journalism fellows are hosted at a welcome reception at which time they are introduced to U.N. officials and staff members, ambassadors and representatives of U.N. missions, and members of the press corps.


The Fund hosts an annual luncheon each fall at the United Nations which is attended by the Secretary-General, senior U.N. officials and staff, ambassadors to the U.N., members of the U.N. press corps, the current year journalism fellows, supporters of the Fund’s fellowship program and other invited guests.  The luncheon program includes remarks by the Hammarskjöld fellows about the personal and professional impact of the Fund’s program.  The Dag Hammarskjöld Inspiration Award and Chair Citation are presented at this event.


Support The Fund

Although the Fund is based at the United Nations, it does not receive financial support from the world organization. The Fund’s program for journalists relies entirely on financial support from U.N. Missions, foundations, organizations and individuals.