Central Africa has world´s lowest contraceptives use

Central Africa has the lowest global contraceptives prevalence rates among women aged 15 to 49 who are married or in a union says the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) this week.

Presenting the UNFPA “Worlds Apart – Reproductive health and rights in an age of inequality, State of The World Report 2017” at the UN headquarters in New York yesterday, Mr. Richard Kollodge, Editor of the United Nations Population Fund’s State of the World Population 2017,  said the highest contraceptives prevalence in Central and West Africa averages 26% while its lowest medium was just 10%. This was well below the global contraceptive use average of 40%.

The UNFPA says income inequalities tend to feed into the vicious cycle of women having less access to contraceptives. “Poor, uneducated women especially in rural areas of Central Africa are unlikely to get an education. As a result they have less human rights mechanisms to decide when to have a pregnancy or give birth safely in a hospital under the care of trained attendants,” said Mr. Kollodge.

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