Iftikhar ALI

Associated Press of Pakistan
Tel: (203) 524-5074

Mr. Ali has worked in the field of journalism for over 50 years, having joined the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) in 1959. After working in various capacities in the country’s national news agency, including as diplomatic correspondent in Islamabad, he was posted at the United Nations in 1976. Eighteen years later, he joined the United Nations and for nine years was posted in Iran and Kosovo disseminating information and interacting with the news media in those countries.

Before joining the UN, Mr. Ali functioned as a journalist for 35 years travelling the world to cover heads of state and governments, as well as international conferences and other events. He also worked for Reuters in Pakistan and OPENA news agencies.  Finding that retirement did not suit him, he rejoined APP in 2005 as its UN correspondent in New York.

Mr. Ali was elected president of the United Nations Correspondents’ Association (UNCA) in 1983 and the following year headed the Foreign Press Association (FPA) of New York. He also served as chair of the Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for 10 years.  Born at Abbottabad (Pakistan), Mr. Ali graduated from Edwardes College, Peshawar, in 1958, with majors in political science and history.

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