U.N. Bureau Chief
An-Nahar (Lebanon)

Prior to his present appointment, Mr. Barada served in various capacities at An-Nahar (an independent Lebanese daily) since 1993. He also writes a weekly political column in Arabic for An-Nahar and regularly reports from the UN for Arabic-medium television and radio stations, including France 24 and Radio Monte Carlo. In addition, he serves as political analyst and commentator on UN affairs in the Middle East, making frequent appearances on the BBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, Future TV, and MTV-Lebanon. Most recently, he has been covering current developments in Syria, Israel/Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, and Sudan, Libya, as well as US-Arab relations.

He reported from Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake; Iraq, in the wake of the US-led war; and Lebanon during the 2006 war and subsequent political violence and civil unrest. Before coming to the US in 2008 to cover the Presidential elections as part of a US State Department-sponsored program for visiting journalists, he was based in Lebanon and Dubai, reporting from various locations in the Middle East and northern Africa.

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